When it’s time for a pool and spa to be inspected, a certified inspector from Purpose Pools will look at a few things. These experts have been doing this for a long time, and because of that, they know the most common pool and spa problems that, if not fixed right away, can lead to bigger problems in the future.

Here are some common pool and spa problems:

Growth of Algae

A green pool is a sign of an algae problem. The lack of chlorine is probably to blame. As luck would have it, this is readily fixed by performing a shock treatment. Algaecide and even three times as much shock is necessary for more severe infestations. It won’t be long before the water is no longer murky.

Poor Heating

Not being able to heat your spa water can make it seem useless. By repeatedly turning the pump on and off to release any trapped air, it is possible to solve the problem of insufficient pump flow that causes heat problems. Like broken jets, a blocked filter can disrupt airflow and lead to overheating. To determine if there’s corrosion in the heating breakers, you may need to have a pool service professional inspect the pool. When the pH level in your spa consistently drops below 7.0, corrosion may develop.

Clogged Filter

Filters are responsible for keeping swimming pools clean. You should clear it out whenever material accumulates in the pool and the filter clogs. After that, the pool filter should be set to clean the water again. If the filter becomes clogged up, it’s doing its job, and the pool is clean.

Debris and Clogs

The most popular issue is debris getting in the way of or completely stopping airflow through the jets. The accumulation of calcium is often to blame in this scenario. Nevertheless, it is always better to ensure that the jets are wide open and clear any debris that may be present. The next step is to refill the water in the spa, clean the filter, and, for good measure, inspect the entire plumbing system to ensure that there are no clogs.

Murky Water

The water in a pool should be transparent enough that you can see the tile at the bottom. The pH levels are probably wrong if your pool is cloudy. You should monitor your pool’s pH after it rains, especially if the precipitation is acidic. Although the water may take some time to clean up again, altering the pH level is rather simple.

Faulty Jets

When the jets in your spa stop working, it’s annoying, especially since they help relieve muscle tension. If the jets are not working properly, you should ensure the filter is not clogged. An airlock can be to blame if the filter isn’t the issue. Turn the pumps on and off to see if that moves the airlock. If those troubleshooting steps don’t work, it may be time to call in an expert.

Unusual Stains

The pool’s bottom might sometimes become discolored. Perhaps the abundance of minerals has a role. You can try rubbing the discoloration with a cloth that has had some pH decrease added to it. That would indicate a problem with mineral concentrations if it were to fall off. If it fails, you can always try a chlorine stick. If the pool stain persists, you should have a professional pool service professional inspect it as soon as possible. This will help prevent the discoloration from setting and becoming permanent.

Due to its porous nature, plaster absorbs stains readily. Testing your water monthly and adjusting the chemical levels will help avoid water discoloration. A fast acid wash may help with the discoloration for the time being, but it will certainly reappear.

Noisy Spa Pump

A noisy pump could ruin the relaxing atmosphere of your spa and cost you a lot to fix.A high-pitched screech or a grumbling or growling noise may indicate that your spa pump is causing trouble. If you hear either of those sounds, there’s probably an issue with the spa pump.

Structural Cracking

Faulty construction or design is usually to blame when the pool’s shell develops cracks. Whenever a concrete pool is built, it must withstand expanding or unstable soil. In the event that the pool doesn’t meet either of these criteria, water will leak out of it.

Solve your pool and spa problems with Purpose Pools

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