If you live in Las Vegas, NV, there are several pool equipment upgrades that can make sense for your home. Here are four important options to consider:

Solar Pool Covers

Las Vegas can get very hot during the summer months, which can result in higher energy costs for pool heating. A solar pool cover can help to keep your pool warm by trapping the sun’s heat, which can reduce the amount of energy needed to heat the pool. Solar covers are also great for preventing evaporation, which can save water and reduce your pool’s chemical needs.

Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Traditional pool pumps are designed to operate at a fixed speed, which can be inefficient and result in higher energy costs. Variable speed pumps, on the other hand, can operate at a range of speeds, which allows you to customize the flow rate to your specific needs. This can result in significant energy savings and lower utility bills.

Automatic Pool Cleaners

If you don’t have the time or energy to manually clean your pool, an automatic pool cleaner can be a great investment. These devices use suction or pressure to remove dirt, leaves, and other debris from your pool, leaving it sparkling clean with minimal effort on your part. Automatic cleaners are especially useful for those who have busy schedules or who live in areas with high winds, which can result in more frequent pool cleaning.

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Pool Heaters

Without a doubt, pool heaters are the #1 requested pool upgrade during the fall and winter months. It’s clear folks in Las Vegas are looking to prolong their swim season indefinitely. Upgrading to a heated pool can make sense for a number of reasons. Here are a few benefits to consider:

  1. Comfort: A heated pool is much more comfortable to swim in than an unheated pool. Depending on where you live, the water in an unheated pool can be too cold for comfortable swimming for much of the year. A heater can help to raise the temperature of the water, making it more comfortable for swimming, even on cooler days.
  2. Extended swimming season: A pool heater can help to extend the swimming season by allowing you to use your pool for a longer period of time. Without a heater, you may only be able to use your pool during the warmest months of the year. With a heater, however, you can use your pool for a longer period of time, potentially even year-round if you live in a warm climate.
  3. Increased property value: A heated pool can be a desirable feature for potential buyers, which can increase the value of your property. If you’re considering selling your home in the future, a heated pool can be a valuable selling point.

Overall, these four pool equipment upgrades can help to make your pool more efficient, cost-effective, and easy to maintain. By investing in these technologies, you can enjoy your pool more while also saving money and resources in the long run.

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