A pool filter, heater, pump, and lighting are any swimming pool’s four most fundamental components. Some high-tech options are pool automation systems and the conversion to saltwater. These are complex and should only be set up and handled by trained pool professionals. That’s why you need the assistance of experts in the field for safe pool equipment installation.

The professionals at Purpose Pools are indispensable for any swimming pool project, whether you’re starting from scratch or updating an existing pool. Because they have a lot of experience in the field, they can help you quickly and affordably install pool equipment.

Swimming pool type and size

Don’t know what pool equipment to get? The type and size of your pool are additional factors in the installation cost of new pool equipment. For example, a lap pool or an above-ground pool requires a different kind of pool pump than a standard backyard pool. The pool’s depth, the water’s volume, and the anticipated use of the pool all influence the pool filter and pump’s capacity and performance. You can hire professionals to do the math if you are unsure of your ability to convert between cubic feet and gallons. Purpose Pools can help.

Premium pool equipment installation

If you are a pool owner, we can do pool equipment installation from the industry’s leading brands. It is possible to reduce the frequency of routine pool maintenance by installing an automated controller, variable speed pool pump, cartridge filter, or salt system. The installation of energy-saving appliances like LED lights and new pool heaters. In addition to lowering your carbon impact, they also add useful features and luxuries. We offer pool equipment repair when it’s no longer possible to keep an older model in good shape.

Pool equipment replacements we perform

A filter and pump are necessary components of any swimming pool. In order to keep your pool clean and healthy, it needs a filter and a pump, both of which we specialize in installing at Purpose Pools. We are experts at installing systems and know which ones are the best on the market. In addition, we are professionals at setting up heaters. For this reason, it’s best to leave the installation of the pool heater to the professionals.

Pool Vacuums

Pool cleaners and vacuums help maintain a sanitary and pleasant pool environment for swimmers. The only way to guarantee that your backyard pool is free of debris and ready to use is to replace a worn-out and failing cleaner or install a new pool vacuum.

Pool Pumps

Installing variable-speed pumps is a fantastic approach to cutting down on your pool’s energy use. You can also consider switching to energy-efficient types.

Pool Heaters

When putting up a new pool heater, it’s important to pick one suitable for your pool’s size and needs. By getting rid of an old water heater that might be broken, you can be sure you’ll always have hot water without breaking the bank.

Pool Filters

Thanks to state-of-the-art filtration systems such as cartridge filters and quad D.E. filters, you will get clean, contaminant-free water. Investing in a filter system upgrade not only makes sure that your pool will be cleaned well for the foreseeable future, but it can also make your pool use less energy.

Pool Saltwater Systems

More and more people are opting to use saltwater systems in their pools. These systems are easily adaptable to most existing infrastructures. They improve the pool experience by eliminating the need to wait for pool cleaning and sanitizing after each use.

Pool equipment sets

A pool’s heating, filtration, and heating systems will all benefit from a new pad and any number of equipment changes.  The high-performance equipment sets improve the energy efficiency of these pool systems. Pool equipment warranties are often extended when there’s a purchase and installation of a lot of goods at the same time.

Pool Automation

Pool equipment may be easily and efficiently managed with the help of automated controllers and timers. An automated controller can have a variety of components added to it, like lighting systems and filtration pumps. This will allow for simple, one-button operation of the many pool-related systems.

Choosing the right materials

Pipes are ubiquitous in swimming pools and play critical roles in a wide range of pool equipment. Not every piece of equipment can be plumbed with the same material. For this reason, hiring a pool professional is essential whenever doing pool equipment installation.

In order to save money on their utility bills, many pool owners are upgrading to more modern, energy-efficient models. Having the right equipment, customized to your requirements, expertly installed, is essential. The enjoyment of your pool experience when swimming will be greatly improved by doing this.


You should consider your pool a financial asset. Making a custom pool without any professional direction is a waste of money. But with their guidance, you can plan its layout, taking into account factors such as the pool’s size, type, and the materials and fixtures you plan to use. If you need to do any pool equipment installation, go no further than Purpose Pools. Contact us today!

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