Being saddled with the responsibilities that come with the installation of pool equipment as a commercial pool operator, or a residential pool owner can be at times trainful and frustrating, especially getting suitable and appropriate equipment. There is a lot of pool equipment that can be installed in your pool some of which are essential, some of which are optional, and of course some of which are for luxury, all depending on the purpose for which this equipment is to be installed. Some of the common pool equipment includes; pool heaters, pool pumps, pool lights, and pool filters. These are equipment that requires careful and professional installation. The placement of this equipment is another factor that is to be considered, and can only be done by licensed professionals. 

As Purpose Pools, we are distinguished pool contractors and provide service for the nation’s largest swimming pool installer, Anthony and Sylvan, and the World’s largest pool builder, Premier Pools & Spas. As a pool equipment installation company we gear toward providing authentic, reliable, and durable pool equipment for your pool (commercial or residential pool), we provide you with the best of pool equipment and guaranteed installation service.

You must have heard of this equipment but have little or no idea what this equipment is used for and its functions in your pool, or know if it is essential you have something of this equipment in your possession. Take for example your pool pump, this particular type of pool equipment is seen as the heart of your swimming pool, as it circulates water and is in full control of both the heating and filtration process. This article covers a wide range of things one should know about some of this equipment, and some swimming pool equipment one should own as a commercial pool operator or private owner.

Essential Pool Equipment For Pool Owners

  • Pool pump
  • Pool heater
  • Vacuum Head
  • Telescopic pole
  • Pool filter
  • Pool brush attachment
  • Vacuum hose

It is important to note that most of the pool equipment listed above can be used without installation, but as a pool equipment installation company, we not only offer installation services but also provide you with other services like visual inspection of the rest of the pool area, pool tile inspection at the waterline, general pool safety inspection, this is so because a thorough and proper pool inspection is capable of putting the minds of clients at ease.

Pool Pump Considered the heart of the pool due to its undeniable function in the pool, it is safe to say that this is among the list of pool equipment that cannot be side-looked. This particular pool equipment powers both the heating and filtration processes, as they create a flow that aids the circulation of chemicals in the pool, ensuring the sanitization of the water. This process of circulation is done by the flow of water from the pool, to the filter, heater, and chlorinator, then back into the pool. There are three major types of pool pumps: single-speed, dual-speed, and variable-speed. You are sure to have a perfect pool flow running gently overnight, and having an effective pool pump allows the turnover of water per day depending on the size of the pool. As an essential pool equipment installation necessity, all you need do is allow the right company to handle its installation.

Pool Heater: It is that time of the year again when the whole place is ice cold and there is the temptation to jump into the pool, and one of the most beautiful things in life is knowing that most things are made possible. Here are a few amazing things you should know about installing pool heaters in your swimming pool.

There is no special time to bond with your family than having family times, which a pool provides. Creating family bonds, enhancing family relationships, and giving you access to year-round pool access even when winter comes.

Regulating the temperature of your water to allow one unrestrained access to jump into the pool at any time of the winter period, and allowing an uninterrupted flow of business for commercial pool owners, also allowing an amazing stay for guests.

Giving an all-night nostalgic and euphoric feeling.

However, there are different types of pool heaters: Electric Heat pumps, Solar Heaters, and Natural Gas, as a pool equipment installation company, look to expose you, our clients to an unlimited amount of choices to go with, without streamlining your options.

Pool Filtration: Preventing your pool against algae and other contaminating factors, making the pool a safe space for all kinds of skin types, and preventing harsh reactions, can only be made possible with the availability of certain pool equipment, it is, however important to note that most of these filters will work for your pool depending on the type of pool filters used by your pool.

The Classic Sand Pool Filter: This is no doubt one of the oldest forms of technology used to filter out sand due to its affordability in price. In this type of filter, there is always a tank that allows for a specific amount of sand depending on the tank size. There is always a backwash that mode that enables users (homeowners or commercial operators) to discharge all debris gathered.

The DE Filter: The DE filter possesses a slight difference from that of the classic sand filter, as the DE filter is capable of catching smaller and finer particles by trapping most of this debris at a lower micron level than a sand filter and in turn purifies the water better. This is likely the most second expensive filter for a pool owner to acquire, due to the filter media used inside of a DE filter.

The Cartridge Filter: The cartridge pool filters are no doubt one of the popular pool filters to own. They come in multiple varieties, we have tingle-element cartridge filters and multi-element cartridge filters, the multi-element filters are known to contain two to four cartridges. A cartridge filter never needs to be backwashed, does not require sand or DE media, and important works perfectly well without a separation tank.

Conclusively, the running of a commercial or residential pool doesn’t stop at just the construction phase alone but extends to the proper installation of essential pool equipment, some of which are meant to foster a fun experience while in the pool, some to maintain a healthy pool. With a pool equipment installation company like purpose pools, we’ve got you covered.

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