Purpose Pools in Las Vegas has become synonymous with excellence in pool equipment repairs, particularly in the realm of swimming pool automation systems. Their commitment to speed, certainty, and superior service has made them the leading choice for pool owners seeking expertise in automation system repairs.

Pool Automation System Service & Repair

Purpose Pools excels in servicing a range of swimming pool automation systems. This includes but is not limited to Jandy, Pentair, Hayward, and Zodiac systems. Their team of experienced technicians is well-versed in diagnosing and repairing issues related to automated pool timers, filtration systems, chemical dosing systems, and smart control panels.

Pool Automation Systems We Service

  1. Jandy iAqualink: This system offers remote control of pool and spa functions through a mobile app, allowing users to manage settings, temperature, and lighting from anywhere.
  2. Pentair IntelliTouch: Known for its user-friendly interface, IntelliTouch provides automation for pool and spa equipment, lighting, and water features, accessible via a control panel or mobile app.
  3. Hayward OmniLogic: OmniLogic allows comprehensive control of pool and spa operations, including filtration, heating, lighting, and water features. It integrates with smart home platforms for seamless automation.
  4. Zodiac AquaLink RS: This system enables users to manage pool and spa functions remotely, adjust temperatures, and control other features through a user-friendly interface.
  5. SmartPool SunTouch: A cost-effective option, SunTouch provides basic pool and spa automation, allowing users to schedule and control essential functions.
  6. Pentair EasyTouch: Designed for simplicity, EasyTouch offers automation for pool and spa equipment, lighting, and water features, accessible through a user-friendly panel.
  7. Hayward AquaPlus: AquaPlus combines automation and salt chlorination, allowing users to control pool and spa functions, set schedules, and manage water chemistry effortlessly.
  8. Pentair ScreenLogic: ScreenLogic provides remote control and monitoring of pool and spa functions through various devices, offering flexibility and convenience.
  9. Jandy AquaLink: AquaLink offers customizable automation for pool and spa features, providing users with efficient control through a dedicated panel or mobile app.
  10. Control4 Pool and Spa Control: Integrated with Control4 smart home systems, this automation solution allows users to manage pool and spa functions alongside other connected devices for a seamless home automation experience.

These automation systems offer diverse features to enhance the convenience, energy efficiency, and overall management of inground pools and spas.

Common Maintenance Schedule for Automation Components

Maintaining a proper schedule for the maintenance of automation components is crucial to ensuring the seamless operation of pool systems. Purpose Pools recommends a routine checkup for the following components:

Component Maintenance Interval
Automated Pool Timers Monthly
Filtration System Quarterly
Chemical Dosing System Bi-Monthly
Smart Control Panel Annually

This schedule aims to prevent potential malfunctions, extend the lifespan of equipment, and optimize overall pool performance.

Importance of Proper Automation Equipment Maintenance

Proper maintenance of automation equipment is essential for several reasons. Firstly, it ensures the longevity of expensive pool automation systems, saving pool owners from the cost of premature replacements. Secondly, a well-maintained system operates efficiently, contributing to energy savings and lower operational costs. Finally, regular checkups and inspections prevent unexpected breakdowns, offering pool owners peace of mind and uninterrupted pool enjoyment.

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Why Purpose Pools is the Leading Choice

What sets Purpose Pools apart is our dedication to customer satisfaction. Positive reviews on platforms like Yelp highlight our prompt and effective repair services, emphasizing the company’s commitment to excellence at reasonable prices. Our status as a Jandy warranty station underlines their expertise in handling sophisticated automation systems. Purpose Pools’ active engagement on social media platforms showcases our commitment to transparency and expertise, making us the go-to choice for pool owners seeking top-tier automation system repairs.

Purpose Pools stands as a beacon of reliability in the realm of swimming pool automation system repairs. Our adept handling of various automation systems, coupled with a recommended maintenance schedule, positions them as the premier choice for pool owners in Las Vegas and beyond.

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