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What Type of Pool Service Do You Offer?

At Purpose Pools, we understand the importance of maintaining proper chemical balance in your pool. Improper chemical levels can lead to cloudy water, algae growth, and even health hazards for swimmers. That’s why we offer expert pool chemical service to ensure that your pool is always in top condition.

We offer pool brushing service as part of our comprehensive pool cleaning and maintenance services. Pool brushing is an essential aspect of keeping your pool clean and healthy, as it helps to remove dirt, debris, and algae that can accumulate on the walls and steps of your pool.

Pool vacuuming is an essential service that we offer at Purpose Pools to ensure that your pool remains clean and healthy. Our team of expert technicians uses high-quality pool vacuuming equipment to remove all debris and dirt from the bottom of your pool.

Cleaning pool pump pots and skimmer baskets is an important part of our weekly pool cleaning and maintenance services at Purpose Pools. These components of your pool’s filtration system play a crucial role in keeping your pool clean and healthy by removing debris and contaminants from the water..

At Purpose Pools, we understand that maintaining proper chemical balance in your pool is crucial to its overall health and safety. That’s why we offer comprehensive pool water testing and chemical balancing services as part of our pool cleaning and maintenance packages.

At Purpose Pools, we offer a specialized service known as “green to clean” pool cleaning. If your pool has been neglected for a period of time, it may turn green due to the growth of algae and other contaminants. Our team of experienced technicians has the knowledge and equipment necessary to quickly and effectively turn your green pool back into a sparkling, clean oasis.

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Our pool service technicians are the preferred pool care experts in Las Vegas because we go above and beyond to make certain your swimming pool is always in ready-to-swim-condition at all times.

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Pool Care & Maintenance Specialists

At Purpose Pools, we are committed to providing the best pool service in Las Vegas. Our team of experienced technicians is dedicated to ensuring that your pool is always clean, clear, and healthy. We use only the highest quality equipment and chemicals to keep your pool in top condition. Our services are comprehensive and include everything from pool cleaning and maintenance to equipment repair and installation. We take pride in our attention to detail and our commitment to customer satisfaction. Whether you need routine maintenance or emergency repairs, you can trust Purpose Pools to provide you with the best pool service in Las Vegas.

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We are the leading pool service technicians providing service to the entire Las Vegas region.

We provide expert and professional pool care and maintenance of inground swimming pools.

Expert knowledge in the installation of all major brands of pool equipments.


Licensed and insured pool maintenance specialists with in-depth knowledge of all aspects of pool care.

Prompt, reliable, and courteous service from licensed and insured pool service technicians.

Expert weekly pool service and maintenance to ensure flawless operation of your inground pool or spa.

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