Las Vegas Pool Inspections

Pool Inspection & Equipment Diagnostic

Inspections & Repairs

We provide expert pool inspection, diagnostic service, repairs and installations.

Our pool inspection service includes:

  • Pool equipment inspection – pump, filter, heater
  • Visual inspection of the rest of the pool area
  • Inspect decking, pool drains, missing coping / covers
  • Pool tile inspection at the waterline
  • Vinyl liner inspection (if applicable)
  • General pool safety inspection
  • Pool electrical safety inspection
  • Complete and thorough report on all findings

Why Schedule a Pool Inspection?

Many homeowners reach out to us when a home is changing hands. A thorough pool inspection report can put buyers minds at ease when closing on a home.

Pool owners may also request an inspection as a general diagnostic if they notice performance issues or have concerns. Call us today at (702) 703-2625 to schedule your pool inspection.

When To Get a Pool Inspection

Before buying or selling a home, request a professional pool inspection report.

If you’ve just purchased a home with a pool and have concerns about the pool area.

If you have concerns about the overall status of your pool equipment and how it is performing, schedule an inspection.


If you’re selling a home and want a thorough diagnostic to help put your buyers mind at ease about the status of the pool area, an inspection report helps.

Noticing odd noises, weird smells, or a sudden increase in your utility bill calls for a pool inspection.

Identify and catalogue any needed pool equipment repairs the swimming pool may need.

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