Las Vegas Pool Services

Swimming Pool Equipment Installation

Automatic Controllers

Swimming pool automation is all about convenience. You can choose to install timers for scheduling or get high-tech with an entire automation system, complete with cleaning, filter, and temperature control.


Adding a swimming pool heater allows you to enjoy your pool for longer and avoid having to deal with any frigid temperatures.

Filtration Equipment

Pool Filters are necessary for clean and safe pools. Diatomaceous earth (DE) filters are the most effective, cartridge filters are the most energy-efficient, and sand filters are the most affordable.

Pool Cleaners

We can help you select the best type of pool cleaner for you. Automatic pool cleaners are a great option. They vacuum the sides and bottom of your pool, significantly cutting back the time you have to spend maintaining your pool.

Pool Pumps & Motors

Want to upgrade your pool pump to save money? We can replace old or stolen pumps with new ones that conserve energy with variable speeds.

Salt Systems

Saltwater systems generate clearer water and are free of any chlorine smell. Instead of relying on chlorine to be added separately, a salt system uses the salt in the water to produce its own chlorine.

Inspections & Repairs

Our professionals are dependable and fast as they repair heaters, leaks, motors, pumps, salt systems, and more.

The most common issues we fix include:

  • Clogged or broken pipes leading to the pump
  • Pools making humming noises or screeching sounds
  • Pumps that won’t prime
  • Pools sucking air
  • Pump baskets that won’t fill with water
  • Motors that don’t work or turn off too soon
  • Pools that won’t keep pressure and have a low flow rate
  • Pumps that won’t turn on

Warranty Claims

Purpose Pools is proud to be an authorized warranty station for Jandy, a global leader in the pool business. We were chosen as a strategic partner because they know we’ll take care of their clients with the professionalism and respect they deserve.

No matter who installed or built your pool, you can be certain we’ll solve your pool needs with the speed and quality you deserve. Call us today at (702) 703-2625 or fill out the form.

What To Expect

Once you submit your claim, we will contact you the same business day.

The day we’re scheduled to come, we’ll let you know when we’re 30 minutes away.

We set your first appointment as soon as possible— usually within 24 hours.


After our consultation and before the end of the business day, you’ll receive a summary of the plan to resolve your issue.

Before our meeting, we’ll contact you to confirm your appointment.

Our professionals will work efficiently to make repairs or install new equipment. You’ll receive updates every 2 business days until your pool is fixed.

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