The point of hiring a professional pool inspector is to know exactly what’s going on with your pool at any given time. While pools may provide hours of fun for the whole family, several potential dangers can arise if they are not properly maintained and inspected regularly. To avoid dealing with any of these issues, it is best to have professional swimming pool inspections.

What Should You Expect from Swimming Pool Inspections?


Without a doubt, the pump is the beating heart of the pool. This apparatus ensures that the pool’s water is always moving. It maintains sanitary conditions in the swimming pool. This is why pool inspectors need to verify the health of your pool’s pump. Further, they examine the quality of the installation to ensure it was completed properly. When there’s a broken pump, the water in the pool will not circulate.

Pool Interior

There will be an inspection of the inside of your pool. For example, if your pool has a vinyl liner, it will need an inspection to ensure it is in good shape. If there is any damage, it may need to be replaced. The plaster in your pool is another area of focus during the swimming pool inspections. They locate areas where water may enter through cracks in the plaster and provide recommendations for fixing them. More importantly, they will examine the pool’s coping and any aesthetically pleasing tiles.


The primary focus of most pool inspectors is user safety. Even though they are awe-inspiring to look at, poorly constructed pools can be dangerous. For instance, the risk of electrocution can rise if electrical wires are not installed properly. If you want to be sure that the electrical cables in your pool are safe, you should have an inspector look at them.

Inspectors will also look at the pool cover and fencing to ensure they are the right type. Some states mandate using a pool cover or fence if you have a pool in your home. Covered swimming pools reduce the risk of injury to children and pets who could otherwise fall in. Remember that there should be a minimum height requirement for a pool fence. Make sure your pool complies with all local, state, and federal safety regulations.


Lights for swimming pools are now a standard fixture in many backyards. It is the responsibility of the pool inspector to examine the pool lighting. It’s important to remember that pool lights can and will break down over time. The pool professionals will inspect the light fixtures for mildew and moisture and recommend the best ones.


Inspectors will look at the heater to ensure it’s adequate for the size of your pool. They will also see if it works. You should get a new heater if your current one is broken. Take care of your filter so you can spend less than hundreds or thousands of dollars replacing it.


The pool deck is an essential component of any swimming pool inspection. A pool deck is an outdoor space that encompasses the pool itself. The material used for your pool deck must be safe and secure for swimmers. The pool deck may need replacement if it presents a hazard to swimmers. Further, pool inspectors will demand the installation of a new deck if they find any breaks in the existing one. As a result, you’ll be better able to protect yourself against the injuries that frequently occur in and around swimming pools.


The pool inspectors will most likely check the filter during the swimming pool inspections. Filters in swimming pools remove contaminants from the water. Therefore, they must test its functionality. There shouldn’t be any debris or clogs in the swimming pool’s filter. Regular filter maintenance is essential for any pool owner. Cleaning the filter in this way removes any built-up debris.

Benefits of Swimming Pool Inspections When Purchasing a Home

Inspecting your pool can help you save money, which is the primary advantage. Swimming pool inspections can also help you bargain for a higher price on the house if you know what you’re doing. If you let the owner know about any renovations or maintenance necessary for the pool to work correctly and safely, they may choose to take care of it for you or reduce the price accordingly.

Having confidence that you aren’t purchasing a liability is the second-best advantage of hiring a pool inspector. It’s best to know everything upfront so there are no surprises later, even if it means spending a few thousand dollars on repairs before you can use your backyard pool.

The Final Verdict

Our licensed and trained inspectors will compile a comprehensive report outlining their findings. They’ll make expert suggestions for how to improve the pools. You should stop neglecting the performance and safety of the pools. If you want an inspection of your pool performed by a trained professional at a reasonable price, give us a call today.

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