An improved pool pump’s ability to filter out debris and maintain clean water is a welcome side effect of increased circulation. A new pool pump may also reduce energy costs because it is more efficient than your current pump. Your pool will last longer if you upgrade your pool pump. This will save you money on maintenance and replacement down the road.

Reasons to Upgrade Your Pool Pump

Why is a Pool Pump Essential?

You could be scratching your head and wondering what good a pool pump will do for you. So, without it, you’ve got a vast body of water that’s potentially open to the weather and sits stationary for the better part of the day. Alae and mosquitoes would thrive in such a setting. You wouldn’t want to wait all winter to use the pool only to find that it has turned into a swamp by the time spring rolls around. Not only does it ruin the pool’s aesthetic, but it also makes swimming impossible. The water in a swimming pool stays clean and clear by constantly circulating it through a filter powered by a pool pump. It is dangerous to venture out without one.

Here’s why you need to upgrade your pool pump:

Operate efficiently

The outdated pump system does not take advantage of today’s technology. A new pool pump would have you up and running faster than your current one. Modern pumps are efficient powerhouses built to make the most of their technological and power advantages.

Lower energy costs

It is common knowledge that a new pool pump uses less energy to accomplish the same work as its predecessors while producing the same amount of water flow. They perform more smoothly, more quickly, and with less noise. To maximize efficiency, go with a variable-speed pump that can switch between slow and fast operation depending on the job’s demands.


A new pool pump will have a longer useful life than your current pump. For this reason, you may need to replace it after some time has passed. But this depends on how long you’ve used the current pool pump. The longevity assurance provided by older models is different from that of new versions.

Better performance

Better pool water filtration is now possible with today’s state-of-the-art pool pumps. You’ll be able to save money and enjoy more productivity with newer, more efficient equipment. When using a new pool pump, you can reduce its running time while still getting excellent filtration. This is because the most up-to-date pumps consume less power, which in turn reduces operating costs. After upgrading to a new pool pump, several pool owners report a reduction in their monthly energy bills of up to 90 percent.

Warnings that you need to upgrade your pool pump

Suction is lower than usual

Pool pumps are the lifeblood of your pool, sucking in water, filtering it, and then returning it to the pool, clean and clear of any debris. You should inspect the filter’s pressure gauge if you suspect the pool pump is losing suction. A dirty filter may cause the pressure gauge to read 10 PSI higher than normal. But if the pressure is significantly lower than normal, it may indicate a clogged pump. It may also be a sign that a pool pump is not correctly primed and is losing air on the suction side. This will eventually cause motor failure and require a new pool pump.

Shuts off regularly

Your pool pump may shut off because the motor is overheating and has to cool down before switching back on. In order to prevent the pump from completely failing, this issue needs to be investigated and fixed as quickly as possible. In order to make an accurate diagnosis, you should consult a professional pool repair service, such as Purpose Pools. Since a broken part of a pool pump usually gets worse over time, it’s usually better to get a new pump than wait for repairs.

Reasons to Upgrade Your Pool Pump

Too much noise

There shouldn’t be any annoying grinding from your pool pump when attempting to relax. If your pump is making strange noises, it may not be functioning properly. If you hear a grinding or screeching noise, it’s probably because the motor is failing. Usually, this is because of rust from water that has gotten in through a broken shaft seal. At Purpose Pools, we can replace the motor efficiently and fast. We can also replace your entire pool pump.

Aging pool pump

Between eight and twelve years is the typical lifespan of a pool pump before you replace it. Pool components will inevitably wear out over time. In addition, there have been many advancements in pool technology during the past decade. The energy consumption of modern pumps is far lower than that of their predecessors because of their variable speeds.

Is it Time to Upgrade Your Pool Pump?

Upgrade your pool pump today and save money on repairs and time spent maintaining your pool. Contact the professionals at Purpose Pools to learn more about your choices for lowering your pool’s repair and maintenance costs.

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