Variable Speed Pool Pump Upgrade

Las Vegas Variable Speed Pool Pump Upgrade

Upgrading Your Pool Pump

Thinking of upgrading your pool pump to a variable speed pump? If you own an older pool pump, that’s a very smart decision. Your old pool pump can be costing you big time.

Pool owners choose to upgrade to a variable speed pump because of some of the following reasons:

  • Energy Savings = Less Money on Utilities
  • Better Operating Experience = Easier To Use
  • Improved Filtration = Better Water Clarity
  • Less Noise = Happier Neighbors
  • Longer Warranty = Less To Worry About

Choosing The Right Variable Speed Pump

There are plenty of online retailers that sell variable speed pumps. It’s always a smarter idea to purchase your pool equipment from a licensed pool contractor. Some manufacturers refuse to warranty equipment purchased from online retailers instead of from authorized dealers.

The benefit for the consumer is that the contractor will warranty the work and the manufacturer will warranty the equipment; making it less to worry about. Call us today at (702) 703-2625 to schedule a variable speed pool pump upgrade today.

When To Upgrade Your Pool Pump

An excessively-vibrating pump motor can create audibly detectable rumbling noises.

Grinding or screeching noises coming from the pool pump usually indicate worn bearings. 

Bubbly water indicates a leaky pool pump and could be time to upgrade to a better pool pump.


If you notice consistently high utility bills associated with running your swimming pool, you’re a perfect candidate for a pool pump upgrade.

Pool pumps wear out with age and frequent usage. The average life span is 8-10 years on a pump.

If water clarity is below average no matter how much you clean the pool, a new pump may be the answer.

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